Wisconsin Trail Runs is an all volunteer organization that puts on two trail runs in beautiful south central Wisconsin, one in June at Blue Mound
 State Park and one in the fall at Black Hawk Ridge.  Proceeds go to the Friends of Blue Mound State Park, the Natural Heritage Land Trust and the Lower Wisconsin Riverway.

  REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.  We have reached our limit. But if you want to be part of the event we still need volunteers. Contact Willi.

                                               SATURDAY JUNE 6TH 2015        

It's another slow start to the trail running season  but we are again looking forward to a great day with all of you at Blue Mound.  Something NEW this year will be that the start for the short race (10K) will be at Brigham County Park. That's right, you'll be running from there to here. Point to point running. The 20Krun will start at the same time from Blue Mound and do the whole loop. The 10K runners will have the chance to run the lovely east side of the course.  Can't make it shorter than 10K, sorry!  We'll be providing shuttle bus service to the start, look for that information when you register. You can drive to Brigham if you want but we will NOT have shuttle service back to Brigham after the race. 
Both runs are significant challenges for any runner with the most vertical rise of any Wisconsin trail run.  There are hidden streams, deep forests and prairies included in both races.  Sections of ski trail combine with single track hiking and mountain bike trail to give you the whole trail run experience.  Come join us for a fun morning of running and friendship at the mound. Yes, there will be milk and homemade cookies.  Happy trails to all.


Check out a new trail race this spring, The Headlamp Hustle,  benefiting the Ice Age Trail Alliance.  Use coupon code: SAVANNA5 for $5 off registration

2015 Savanna Trail Run Series

We welcome you to the third year of the Savanna Trail Race Series. Participate in at least four of the five Dane County trail races from May to November and be part of our natural and trail running heritage. You'll traverse woods, hills, and prairies across the county at Donald, Indian Lake, and McCarthy county parks, Blue Mound state park, and Blackhawk Ridge above the Wisconsin River. The pre-settlement  landscape of southern Wisconsin was oak savanna, and restoration projects are going on in all our Savanna Series parks.  Check out the details here.

Run a total of 100K of our trail runs--Blue Mound and Black Hawk Ridge--to join the club and get your orange hat.
Got that already?  Next up 250K!

How close are you?  Check your progress toward the 100K/250K Club here.

You are in the club or getting close if you made this list of top K's.

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